Contact. American Enterprise Institute 1789 Massachusetts Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20036 Main telephone: 202.862.5800 Main fax: 202.862.7177 “The idea espoused by some of my colleagues that academic freedom is absolute and that students have to take whatever it is the professor dishes out is, … Amir Attaran, professor in the faculty of law at the University of Ottawa, says the Catholic school board broke the law and violated the students' rights. Home; About; Books “Because it’s 2015 …” Implementing Diversity and Inclusion 600 Peter Morand Crescent Room 101 Ottawa, Ontario K1G 5Z3 Canada (UC Berkeley), M.S. Posts about Amir Attaran written by Andrew. (), LL.B. Attaran was born in … Advocacy. Attaran is extensively involved with malaria advocacy. "She does not require the permission of the cabinet, the premier, the minister, anybody in order to make mandatory orders restricting the spread of COVID-19," said Amir Attaran, who teaches in both the University of Ottawa's law and medicine faculties. Alta Vista Campus. Currently, Attaran is a Full Professor in both the Faculty of Law and the School of Epidemiology, Public Health and Community Medicine at the University of Ottawa. Attaran was born in California to immigrants from Iran and has earned a B.A. — Amir Attaran (@profamirattaran) July 6, 2019 The latest example of this is University of Ottawa Professor Amir Attaran’s claim that Conservatives are “the party of the uneducated”. They seem not to notice the long QUOTATION from a pollster whose data show that Cons are, comparatively, less educated. Early life and education. and a D.Phil in immunology from the University of Oxford.. Attaran is a naturalized Canadian. Career. Attaran is an Associate Professor of Law. Amir Attaran (Persian: امیر عطاران ‎) is a Canadian-American-Iranian law and medicine professor. That decision was later upheld in court, where judges ruled financial concerns were irrelevant. — Amir Attaran (@profamirattaran) July 6, 2019 UPDATE: Hundreds of Conservative trolls are irked by my tweet. Early life and education. Attaran, a persistent critic of the government’s response to the pandemic, now argues that the country is reaping what it sowed because of three major mistakes. In his tweet, he cites a poll by Abacus Data which shows that Conservatives dominate in popularity among people with a high school education or less. Attaran points to an Ontario officer who closed bunkhouses for migrant farm workers over COVID-19 concerns despite the objections of local farmers and politicians. Attaran said.