A common cause of window air conditioners not blowing any air is a restricted air filter. Air Conditioning and Cooling Systems - Window A/C - Fan Not Working - I have a big honkin' window unit I inherited with my house. Capacitors can retain electrical charge and should only be replaced or handled by a licensed and trained professional. Five Reasons an Air Conditioner Compressor Will Not … The best thing for you to do is put your window air conditioner on its own dedicated circuit that’s not used by any other appliances. AC not working or cooling? If you are satisfied that the thermostat settings are correct, check your … When your air conditioner’s outside fan is not working, inspect the fan itself. If nothing is happening with the thermostat set, immediately call for service. If you discover a broken or damaged fan blade, keep the system turned off and contact a local HVAC professional for repair. A portable unit, on the other hand, utilizes an exhaust pipe, which funnels the air out of your window. Next, check the AC itself. Replacing a compressor is a major operation, which should be performed by a licensed and experienced HVAC technician. It’s located on the side of the building near the outdoor A/C unit. You can buy universal fan replacement motors based on their fractional horsepower rating and voltage, but you're better off spending a few extra dollars to get an exact replacement motor. Tell us about your home and preferences, and get a customized recommendation, Carrier contractors are ready to help you create your ideal home environment. If a run capacitor malfunctions, your AC system may not start, or it might start but continue to run, possibly making a humming sound. Had this unit for a few years. The relay board provides voltage to many components of the air conditioner, including the fan motor. What Causes a Pinging Noise in a Room Air Conditioner? Ways to Help Maintain Your Air Conditioner’s Fans. Thanks! The outdoor unit typically takes 220v power to operate and should be on its own circuit. 6 possible causes and potential solutions . Inside the condenser is the primary motor control. then come home to cool off my room before 5pm. If that frees up the shaft and the blade turns freely, you have probably saved yourself the cost of replacing the motor. Any tricks to make medium speed work? Check the air conditioner power supply cord for any signs of fraying or damage. This will likely also raise the question of whether it is time to replace the entire unit or do the repair. Other signs the run capacitor has malfunctioned include slow or delayed start-up, system shut down, or the system not blowing cold air. It should be in the “on” position. Check to see if the blades have become bent and are rubbing against the fan's shroud. To make sure your window AC works properly, you need to clean it. Air Conditioners, Maintenance, Troubleshooting, Air Conditioners, HVAC Education, Packaged Products, Indoor Air Quality, Why is My Air Conditioner Fan Not Working. Free Shipping on … Assuming you have a standard split-system central air conditioner, there are actually two main fans – one inside your home and one outside. DO NOT proceed if you’re not sure you’ve properly shut off the power. After an extended period of time, you fan can break or stop working. Contactor problems can result in your central air conditioner fan not working. The first step in cleaning or repairs will be to at least partially disassemble the air conditioner. Modern air conditioning... it’s a wonderful thing in the heat of summer when you can go inside and feel the relief from a hot, sticky summer day. If you have a programmable thermostat, check to be sure your comfort schedule is properly set for cooling at the time you are having the issue, and make adjustments if necessary. Do not immediately assume that if your air conditioner is not working that the thermostat is at fault. Fan Is Not Working in an Air Conditioner Window Unit eHow www.ehow.com Home Appliances Air Conditioners. Any appreciable movement confirms bad bearings, and the motor will need to be replaced. The air inside your room, out in the front of the air conditioner where the cooling coil is, that’s what we call “room air.” Once the window AC kicks in, its blower starts up, followed by the compressor . Is it worth returning? Find solution. If a part becomes loose or is missing (e.g. Find more about 'What can we do if Air-Flow Blade is not working properly in Air-Conditioner?' The first step in cleaning or repairs will be to at least partially disassemble the air conditioner. The condenser fan motor and fan are typically mounted at the top in the center of the unit and are usually visible through the fan guard or wire grill. If there are other appliances using the same circuit as the air conditioner, the circuit can be overloaded, tripping the breaker or blowing the fuse. The evaporator coil sits inside your home within the air handler unit (furnace or fan coil), pulling heat and humidity from indoor air as it passes through. If the fan blades seem to be ok, turn the system back on and check that the outside condenser fan motor is operating properly. It is responsible for pulling air through the outdoor condenser coils to help remove heat from your home. If your system is running but you hear unusual noise coming from the outdoor unit, you might have a bad fan or a bent or broken fan blade. In either case, we recommend calling a professional HVAC technician to diagnose and remedy the problem. Another common and easily remedied situation that sometimes results in a central air conditioner fan not working is a dirty, clogged air filter. If the compressor isn't running but the fans work, the start relay or compressor might have failed. Remove the screws holding the case in place and slide it off the unit. To check the bearings, grasp the blade in your hand and try moving the shaft from side to side. Air unit is off while at work. Unplug the unit again before replacing the case. This part is commonly used in window air conditioner units to help control the various parts. Based in Colorado Springs, Colo., Jerry Walch has been writing articles for the DIY market since 1974. If the fan assembly in your room air conditioner is not operating properly, you will need to replace it with this part. A window air conditioner won’t turn on if the fuse of the main power source to the unit has blown. To troubleshoot, turn off the system at the thermostat as a safety precaution. Switch it back to either cooling or auto mode (automatically switches between heating and cooling), and check that an appropriate cooling temperature is selected. If the compressor isn't running but the fans work, the start relay or compressor might have failed. An air conditioning compressor is the heart of an A/C unit and can be a real problem if not working. When in doubt, stop. If the AC is running but not blowing air, the fan motor could simply be dirty and not working properly. If the window air conditioner's compressor and fans are running but the air conditioner isn't cooling, possible causes include a failed compressor or the lack of refrigerant due to a leak in the sealed system. Bigger is not better! I think it works, but there was some rattling going on at one point. According the Department of Energy,  78⁰F is a good setting for both comfort and energy efficiency when you are home. Step 1: Adequate Airflow Check to ensure the airflow to the unit is not restricted. Is it even a big deal? In extreme cases, restricted airflow can cause the entire system to shut down. The cooling coil (or evaporating coil) starts to drop in temperature as soon as its compressor starts. Not sure if it works. Just got new window ac. Air conditioner units contain a number of parts that work together to create the cool air that keeps your room at a comfortable temperature. The evaporator coil can freeze up as a result of indoor blower fan malfunction, low refrigerant charge, low outdoor temperatures, or other system malfunctions. A little general knowledge about window air conditioners will help you to understand and rectify the associated problems in a better way. The answer is maybe. Verify the installation is correct and the unit is not obstructed. Make sure it is in the “on” position as well. When you air conditioner operates in heat mode, air flow generated by the fan will pass over / through these coils thereby heating the air blown into the room in which the unit is located. Many heating and cooling appliances with a fan option that, while still blowing warm or cool air, is not using the main power of the unit. If the blades were not bent but do not turn freely, give the bearings a generous shot of penetrating oil. The reason your air conditioner is not cooling could be because of an issue with the fan or fan motor. Every part of your air conditioner is going to experience wear-and-tear, but there are things that can be done to extend the life of the fans in your system. The relay board provides voltage to many components of the air conditioner, including the fan motor. When the ac compressor not working but the fan is running, chances are the outer unit housing the compressor isn’t receiving power. There are many things that can cause a compressor to stop working. It´s just been sitting in the basement. The tables were made by the engineers from the Panasonic Corporation as a source of information both for technicians and users. Air conditioners use blower fans to transfer the warm air away from a desired location and return cold air. Close • Posted by 3 minutes ago. Unplug the motor's wiring harness from the control board. © Copyright 2020 Hearst Communications, Inc. What is Central Air and How Does It Work? Air conditioner won't turn off. For more information on changing the system’s air filter, and how often to do it, take a look at our air conditioner maintenance page. Relay boards are often misdiagnosed; before replacing the board, make sure you check more commonly defective parts—particularly the fan motor capacitor and the fan motor itself. Find a Carrier HVAC Dealer keyboard_arrow_right. Be careful when handling the case because the razor-sharp edges of the sheet metal can cut you. I have an old AC unit that had the fan replaced. While large central air units require a licensed technician to repair, window-mounted units are more tolerant of a do-it-yourselfer. Take the entire unit for free and see if you can get it working.
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